peanut butter all over

pre @flywheelsports breakfast #energybowl peanut butter all over my warm cashew oatmeal #berryhappybowl heat some cashew milk in a pot add in @bobsredmill extra thick rolled oats stirring ocasionally’ add in @thechiaco chia seeds and some @bellplantation peanut butter powder #stepbystep top with berryhappybowl NEW& HOMEMADE peanutbutter granola w/ a crushed almond butter energy bite #verybreakfast don’t forget to add some @wholefoods honey roasted peanutbutter and lastly add in fruit of choice’ strawberry|blueberry #happymeal lastly eat with careful consideration as it will finish quickly #breakfastclub #breakfastlover #superfood #bostonfoodie #oatmeal #fiberry #breakfasttime #homemadecooking #vegan #organic #nongmo

weather today is ABSOLUTELY too cold for a spring day #springtime #bostonweather

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19|Haiti|Beantown| little miss gluten free all natural non gmo citizen of the world|| breakfast criminal

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