happy mama’s day

to every wonder mom out there #happymothersday happy “american” mothers day from #berryhappybowl with love xx #motherhood #motherlove #motherloves there is nothing like the love from your mama’ and without my special superhero mama’ momager’ &bestest friend I would not be where I am today #amomknows #mommysgirl thanks to every mom who has shown their love and support always’ it goes straight to my heart that you believe me #somuchlove

speaking of mothers_ I will be back in the motherland #haiti next week and I come baring gifts full of surprises #berryhappynews stay tuned for a true journey’ I have been waiting for this moment for a good time now #cantwait to share it with you #specials

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19|Haiti|Beantown| little miss gluten free all natural non gmo citizen of the world|| breakfast criminal

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