goji guava

happy hump day’ goji guava chia blend #berryhappybowl just so you know the guavas came right from my grandpas garden’ so plum and so fresh they are the right shade of pink when you cut into them and the right amount of sweet when you bite into them #localfruit #homegrown #fruits #haitianfruit #islander #haiticherie with just 1tbs of @navitasnaturals goji berry powder into a mix of @thechiaco chia seeds and 1c of water’ let it sit overnight in your fridge and it becomes the perfect gel texture pudding to blend with one guava and 100g of fresh and frozen strawberries #smoothiebowl #chiabowl #chiapudding 1/4 cup of goji berries at the very berry bottom w/ some @manitobaharvest hemp seeds #superfood topped with @livingintentions ild berry trail mix #antioxidants #breakfastcriminal #breakfastclub #organic #healthy its almost a long weekend here in Haiti’ as I am getting ready for some vitamin sea and a whole lot of coconut water #healthyeats #foodlover #breakfastinspo #bliss #summerday

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19|Haiti|Beantown| little miss gluten free all natural non gmo citizen of the world|| breakfast criminal

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