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reasons to love #ryanreynolds
GUILTY for sure #littlemissgluenfree If there is one thing that gets to me most ‘… it’s when people say “I’m going gluten free” ALL FOR THE WRONG REASONS.
“I am trying to lose weight
I hear gluten free isn’t fattening
I only eat gluten free junk food”  #glutenfreeeating GENETICALLY MODIFIED FOODS that are labeled gluten free doesn’t change how BAD it is to your body and wellbeing #gmofoodsaretoxic this is less about anyone being gluten free and more about GMO foods that are mislabled and misleading #boycottgmos
GMOs are #toxic and to all the parents reading this post today BE MINDFUL of the food #junkfood your kids are consuming because now more than ever these foods are highly contaminated and it will catch up to them in the near future #foodlabels#boycottmosanto #gmofreefood #organic#healthy #learning #foodlabeling#organicfruit #organiclife #cleaneating#cleanse
my advice to you:
look for “non-gmo” labels
avoid at risk ingredients (corn, beet sugar, soy, canola, cotton)
stay away from artificial sweeteners
keep it organic| natural
recognize fruit and veggie labels
buy 100% grass fed meat
#stayalertatalltimes #wholefoods#localfoods #organicfoodie

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19|Haiti|Beantown| little miss gluten free all natural non gmo citizen of the world|| breakfast criminal

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