hey guys I know its been a while. #berryhappybowl
I have been sick in bed since easter Sunday after a really bad food poisoning and it’s been hard for me to eat a full meal without feeling nauseous #sickdayBecause my body is already so overwhelmed I haven’t worked out in the past 5days but I am finally feeling better #recovery FIGHTING this LIKE A GIRL hasn’t been easy but I haven’t given up #healthygirl times like this I wish my mommy was around and given that I do not believe in taking medication I wanted to share with you the natural remedies that have helped me recover so quickly #natural #organic#homemade
_ homemade ginger tea
_ raw honey (helps with blood sugar)
_ coconut water (hydrate)
_ fresh mint infused watermelon juice
_ my humidifier (helps with respiration making it easy for me to breath)
the one thing I have found to alleviate the pain was WATER or fluids in general #majorkey the feeling of being weak is not a pleasant one and to avoid this YOU MUST STAY HYDRATED and get lots of rest #sleep #foodlover#foodblogger #happygirl #bostonfoodiesee you at breakfast tomorrow #breakfastofchamps

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