repeat after me “self care comes first” #berryhappybowl this whole week I have been slacking and doing everything but listening to my body and finally today it hit I NEED TO REST. #restyourbody I have been feeling beyond exhausted, my body has been aching, and my nausea has been out of control #sickday yesterday had been the first day in a long time where I didn’t tire my body, I did not exercise and I slept early enough to catch up on my sleep.#sleep Although I did not wake up as good as new this morning … I am feeling much better #recovery#womenshealth it’s safe to say that it is that time of the month where my body is screaming for attention and caret that I must provide to feel better ALL THE TIME. #mindfulness #mindbodysoul my message to you is to listen when your body speaks and listen carefully #loveyourself #loveyourbody your body is your temple #healthygirl #healthfirst#foodlover #wellbeing #healthtips#organicgirl #bodypositive#bodyfitness

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19|Haiti|Beantown| little miss gluten free all natural non gmo citizen of the world|| breakfast criminal

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