BANANANANANANNANA #breakfastlover when the weekend starts on a thursdayy and your already going bananas about it #bostonfoodjournalbesides the fact that my stash of haitian cassava is almost done BREAKFAST WAS BOMB #breakfastclub toasted coconut cassava topped with @binniescoconutbutter coconut butter x @wholefoods honey roasted peanut butter + organic mini banana + drizzled raw organic honey #nongmo #organic#glutenfree #haitian
What you didn’t know about cassava #funfacts #learntolearn
Cassava is a digestive-resistant starch
Rich in minerals (calcium, postassium)
Cassava is gluten free
Super rich in fiber
Lowers risk of developing diabetes
Prevents excess gas, bloating and constipation
#healthyfood #healthbenefits #foodie#foodtravel #almondbutter #peanutbutter#banana #honey #bostoneats #homemade#haitianfood
This was not a solo meal_ accompanied by a HUGE cup of coffee + @kitehillfoodsalmond milk drinkable yogurt #berryhappybowl

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19|Haiti|Beantown| little miss gluten free all natural non gmo citizen of the world|| breakfast criminal

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